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How to Create a Great Beeline

A Comprehensive Guide to Building Effective Learning Pathways on Our Platform. This course provides a step-by-step guide to creating engaging and effective learning pathways, or "Beelines," on our platform. Whether you're an experienced L&D professional or new to the field, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage the platform's features and design principles, such as mobile and microlearning, spaced repetition, content curation, and multimedia integration, to create impactful learning experiences.

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Learning Outcomes


Learners will be able to create engaging learning pathways using Beeline platform's design principles and features.


Learners will be able to apply storytelling and copywriting techniques for enhanced learning engagement.


Learners will be able to utilize advanced Beeline features like spaced repetition and active recall for improved knowledge retention.


Learners will be able to integrate AI and multimedia elements into Beeline learning pathways.


Learners will be able to add diverse content into cells using the slash menu.


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  1. beeline pollenWelcome
  2. beeline pollenStructuring Your Beeline
  3. beeline pollenCustomizing and Sharing Your Beeline
  4. beeline pollenEngaging with the Social Features
  5. beeline pollenEnhancing Learning
  6. beeline pollenLeveraging Technology and Multimedia

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This has been super helpful! (I might be biased though)

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Beeline is a science-backed learning platform designed to remove barriers to effective learning, we help people take the direct path to their learning goals.

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Streamline your digital learning experience with Beeline, the new learning platform that allows you to collate all of your learning resources, mixed-media (Videos, PDFs, websites, blogs, audio, text...), and notes into a structured learning pathway, for yourself or share with others.

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With simple tools that boost your knowledge retention, and help you to revise concepts at the right times, you can learn more and forget less. The platform is built with the latest learning science and gamification to keep you stay engaged and motivated, and help you use your time wisely.

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