Learning and Development made simple and effective

Improve the engagement and reach of your training and team development.

Helping you remove learning barriers, share knowledge and achieve learning outcomes, effectively.


Accessible knowledge and microlearning for your remote or deskless workforces

Create and share modern microlearning journeys with your remote or deskless teams. Boost learner engagement and easily monitor learning insights to ensure learning objectives are met.

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Rapid Creation

Save time and create modern, effective learning journeys with ease. Aggregate any learning resources and material intro engaging learning journeys.

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Train Remotely

Reach and engage remote and deskless teams with our mobile friendly, low-data apps. Ensure your knowledge hub and resources are accesible to all.

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Learn Effectively

Maximise team engagement and create positive behaviour change using modern cognitive science. Develop a culture of learning in your team.

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Measure Impact

Use learning insights and data to ensure that target outcomes are being met. Empower your teams to make progress towards company goals.

Knowledge sharing and training that is streamlined and accessible.

Simplify your learning, development and knowledge management with Beeline. Ensure that your remote and deskless teams have access to the training material and learning resources that they need to thrive.
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    Custom learning

    Create your own pathways from scratch or start from existing templates. Schedule reminders and updates to suit your needs.

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    Engage deskless teams

    Make your knowledge hub and training resources accessible on any device, anywhere. Keep your teams on top form.

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    Flexible Pricing

    Tailor your plan to the size of your teams or organisation. Suitable for teams that are small, large or growing rapidly.

Empower your teams through learning

Build a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing with Beeline.
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