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Rapid content
authoring and sharing.

Easily create structured learning and micro-learning journeys in moments. Curate material and aggregate resources in a way that can be instantly delivered to clients and audiences on any device.

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Rapid Creation

Save time and create modern, effective learning journeys with ease. Aggregate any learning resources and material intro engaging learning journeys.

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Utilise Modern Tools

Create learning journeys with a growing library of tools and formats. Use modern learning science to boost audience engagement and retention.

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Access Marketplace

Share and monetise your learning journeys and programs on a growing public and private marketplace. Become a Beeline partner to increase your reach!

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Grow your Audience

Access a growing public and private audience of learners. Easily upload, embed and distribute your content through Beeline to expand your reach.

Deliver your educational material more effectively

Easily create well-structured and effective learning journeys. Use custom schedules, push notifications and spaced repetition to maximise the impact of your content.
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    Growing Client Base

    Access and monetise your content to a growing client base of private businesses and organisations across Africa. Partner for insights and content requests.

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    Private and Public

    Share your learning journeys and programs publicly on the platform, or restrict them to private groups, organisations or cohorts of learners.

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    Creator Perks

    Become a Beeline Partner to access additional creator perks, benefits and connections. We're here to help you grow your business and audience!

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