Streamline your personal learning and knowledge management.

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Consolidate your learning resources and build your knowledge hub.


One place to store all of
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Upskill yourself and retain more of what you learn. Rapdily create engaging microlearning journeys on ANYTHING your learn. Curate and aggregate learning resources and online media, and use our learning science to retain everythign optimally.

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Consolidate Resources

Easily store all of your learning resources and material, uploaded, or from anywhere on the web, in a single place.

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Remember More

Use learning pathways to structure your knowledge better, and learn more effectively - using built-in, modern learning science.

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Access Anywhere

Take your personal knowledge hub with you everywhere, and continue learning on any device. Mobile friendly, low data and offline capable learning.

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Build a Community

Expand your community of like-minded learners by sharing your learning journeys with others and collaborating as you learn.

Stop losing track and forgetting the things you learn.

Streamline your personal learning and development. Use effective learning practices built into Beeline to retain more knowledge, for longer. Create your own personal learning journey and curate all of your favorite learning resources and material into a single knowledge hub.
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    Develop a Learning Habit

    Use the powerful learning science, gamification and behavioural psychology of Beeline to support you in reaching your learning goals.

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    Multi Platform

    Access all of your resources and learning material on both the web and mobile. Learn from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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    Don't worry about expensive subscriptions. It's free to sign up and start learning. We're not planning on changing this anytime soon.

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