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Beeline helps you streamline training, remove learning barriers and achieve exceptional learning results.


Simplify and scale your training
and development programs

Simplify the delivery of your blended, remote, and digital training with Beeline by streamlining the creation, delivery, and reporting process. Reach a broader audience, and track the impact and effectiveness of your programs with powerful learning analytics.

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Streamline Training Systems

Simplify your digital training delivery with a plug-and-play learning and training platform. Manage learners, resources, and reporting with ease

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Reach Remote Audiences

Remove the barriers to reaching your audience, wherever they are. Empower them to access training and learning material remotely with mobile-friendly training

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Premium Support

We're here to help you get the most out of our platform, from technical assistance, program design guidance, to AI-powered content generation

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Easily Measure Impact and Results

Use Beeline's learning insights and training data to ensure that you are meeting your target outcomes and making the greatest possible impact with your programs

Launch your new digital training program with ease

Simplify the way you train while also increasing your reach and engagement. Deliver and manage more training, better.
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    Import your training material

    Easily transform your existing material into modern micro-learning pathways, or create new ones from our library templates. Upload your own or collate existing online resources.

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    Share it with your audience

    Deliver training programs to wider audiences at the click of a button - either publicly or to private groups. Training programs are mobile-friendly, low-data and offline friendly.

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    Monitor and measure their progress

    Use Beeline's reporting and insights dashboard to monitor the impact of and engagement with your training material. Engage with different groups of learners and ensure the best outcomes.

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