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Harness your knowledge and unlock potential.

Streamline program creation, enhance engagement, and boost your impact using our AI-driven learning and knowledge platform.

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Beeline works on any device!

What is Beeline?

A platform to simplify learning, development and knowledge management.

Seamlessly create learning journeys on Beeline - use any learning resource!
Easily create & track learning journeys.

These journeys can be made up of any resources and content.
Share these journeys with anyone on your team.

And access them on any device!
Beelines are shareable learning journeys - accessible anywhere
Track learning journeys, and learning/business goals
Seamlessly track engagement, knowledge retention, and competencies.
Beeline for Business

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Who Uses Beeline?

Individual Learners

  • All your learning in one place
  • Learn better, using learning science
  • Make learning a habit
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  • Provide better value to your audience
  • Rapid creation
  • Monetize your content
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  • Track training, engagement, and competency
  • Mobile friendly and low-data
  • Drive a learning culture
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Training Organizations

  • Create content quickly
  • Increase your reach
  • Low-data consumption, built for Africa
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How can Beeline help you?

Simple Creation

For anyone on your team!


Learn on any device!


Track what matters


Proven engagement

Modern Learning Science

Baked in, you don't have to think about it!


Learn from anywhere, on a data budget

Simple and speedy knowledge sharing

Create effective learning and micro-learning journeys with ease by aggregating any learning material or resources into a single location.

Build a consolidated knowledge hub for yourself or organisation, easily access and share it with your team, and measure the impact of your learning objectives.

Knowledge management and sharing make very easyshape

Boost learner engagement

Meet learning outcomes by driving positive and effective behaviour change and learner engagement.

Beeline is built on principles of modern learning science and behavioural psychology. We use these principles to promote knowledge retention and to build continuous learning habits.

shapeBeeline learning pathways drive learner engagement

Built for accessibility and deskless teams

Access your learning and knowledge hub from anywhere, at anytime.

Built for mobile-friendliness, low-data consumption and offline friendly mode. Beeline is ideal for remote teams, deskless workforces and learning on the move.

Seamless training and knowledge management for deskless workforces.shape
Beeline for Business

Are you a training network, enterprise or business looking to use Beeline?

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Users sharing their experience

An incredible platform to ensure that we give our students the best chance of passing their certification exams and retaining the information they have learnt. An incredible learning tool for your lifelong professional development.


Blended Learning Training Facilitator, South Africa

Fast, user-friendly and so easy for our students to take notes, this tool is futuristic! Beeline brings teachers and students together in a way we have never seen before. Love the distraction-free learning mode!

One2 Tax

Tax Literacy Platform, Africa

We have not found a learning platform that comes close to Beeline in what it offers its users. Such a user-friendly platform! So fast to take learning notes and incorporate quality learning tools. We will be users for life.


Education Consultant, Cape Town, South Africa

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