We’re empowering remote and desk-less teams.

It’s been such an exciting time since we opened the beta version of the platform in July. Beeline is already being used by hundreds of…

We’re empowering remote and desk-less teams.


It’s been such an exciting time since we opened the beta version of the platform in July. Beeline is already being used by hundreds of people, including students, lecturers, NGOs and businesses BIG and small.

I want to share with you one of the main problems that we’re particularly passionate about solving though.

The lack of foundational soft skills needed to flourish in the modern workplace and the ability to keep track of ongoing training — can both be major challenges for employees and employers throughout the developing world — especially with the entry-level staff.

Remote locations, limited access to computers, data, proper support systems and basic skills can make settling into and holding entry-level jobs a challenging task for many.

Here’s where we think we can help.

Beeline was designed to be used by anyone, anywhere. With a mobile-friendly app, low-data consumption and super easy-to-build and share functionality — the solution is perfect for streamlining your onboarding, upskilling and knowledge management within your teams and organisations.

The platform also allows all other online training and certifications to be consolidated into a single place and for the resources and knowledge to be shared between teams.

We believe that these functions will create more job security and a culture of upliftment through education throughout Africa and emerging markets.

So, If you’re a training manager, a learning and development specialist, or an organisation involved in improving employability and career development, please reach out. We’d love to hear more about the challenges you’re facing and how we can work together to tackle this problem.

About Beeline:

Beeline is a science-backed learning platform designed to remove barriers to learning effectively, we help people take the direct path to their learning goals.

Manage your personal and professional learning, and manage learning and development within your organisation with Beeline. Easily and rapidly build your company learning and knowledge hub, and share resources effectively with remote and deskless teams

Streamline your digital learning experience with Beeline, the new learning platform that allows you to collate all of your learning resources, mixed-media and notes into a structured learning pathway, for yourself or share with others.

Join hundreds of other learners who are learning effectively right now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 — What challenges does Beeline aim to address for remote and deskless teams in the developing world?

Beeline targets the essential needs of remote and developing areas by providing a mobile-friendly platform for foundational soft skills and tracking ongoing training, making it accessible and efficient for onboarding and knowledge management.

2 — How does Beeline facilitate the consolidation of online training and certifications for easier access and sharing?

The platform simplifies the management of online training and certifications, allowing easy distribution and access through mobile apps. It’s designed for rapid content creation and updates, supporting internal company training or external partners, without disrupting work flow.

3 — What opportunities does Beeline offer for training managers and organisations focused on employability and career development?

Beeline offers a centralised solution for managing training, analytics, and resources, providing insights into competency and certification status. It supports personalised learning pathways for career progression and training requirements, accommodating self-paced or hybrid learning.

by James Mallett
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